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The area Hospitals and Institutions Subcommittee plays a central role in the overall H & I service effort. It initiates, coordinates, and conducts all local N.A. hospitals and institutions’ meetings and activities within the area. This subcommittee is the hub of H & I planning and organization.

The H & I Committee is a subcommittee of the Area Service Committee (ASC). It meets monthly, and the Chairperson reports to and is accountable in all matters to the ASC. The Subcommittee is composed of an H & I chairperson, H & I vice-chairperson, H & I secretary, and other elected officers, as well as any other members of the Fellowship who wish to be involved.


1. Provides a monthly forum to pool experiences, “I can’t – we can!”
2. Prepares H & I policies and guidelines for the H & I subcommittee’s and the ASC’s approval.
3. Serves as a communication link between local H & I meetings/presentations and H & I subcommittees at the Region and World levels.
4. Select the members who are to conduct the H & I meetings.
5. Serves as a distribution point for literature for the meetings and reports these transactions to the ASC.
6. Conducts learning days, workshops, and orientations on relevant topics.
7. Is responsible for all H & I oriented services within the Area.


1. To form a clear understanding of an H & I meeting/presentation, it is important to know where it fits in our service structure. Rather than being an NA group, which may be represented at the Area service committee by a GSR, an H & I meeting is a service provided by that Area service committee through its H & I subcommittee.
2. An H & I meeting is always held under the auspices of an H & I subcommittee. Any meeting not linked into the service structure in this way is not an H & I meeting. Where there is no existing H & I subcommittee, groups conducting H & I service can be accountable by following the WSC H & I Guidelines and reporting to an ASC or RSC.
3. H & I meetings are held in facilities where addicts do not have full access to regular Narcotics Anonymous meetings.
4. Meetings that are held in a facility, but which are fully self-supporting and free of restrictions, are not H & I meetings.
5. All H & I meetings are closed to outside participation. NA members from the outside should attend the H & I meeting only when invited by the panel leader. The only people to attend H & I meetings are the panel leader, panel chair, panel member, and speaker, or anyone approved by the H & I subcommittee to go into that H & I meeting


For information on open H & I service positions, click on this link.


If there is any confusion over whether or not a meeting should be an H & I meeting or a regular meeting, please contact your H & I subcommittee for assistance.

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